The first one of our Blush & Sam litter to finish is Tex ! He finished so fast, we weren't able to get a perfect win photo but when we do, that will be included on this page.

Tex finished his championship under Pat Trotter and Dr. John Reeve Newson who were both very complimentary and predicted a bright future for him (remember he isn't two years old until the end of January 2009 ). The cool thing about it, is that he finished owner handled by Jacquie Whyte and he is only her second show Afghan !

As you can tell by his dancing picture, Tex is a character. He is a happy dog with a wonderful personality even though he doesn't care to stack for show photos - and why he is posting off his front a bit. He already exhibits the majestic carriage inherited from his grandfather, SBIS Ch. Regime's Picasso of Keystone as is apparent in his moving shot, even though it doesn't show the full extent of his powerful movement.

Tex was the puppy sent to his co-breeder, Christine Anderson Smith which is why he is Ch.Aries Lone Star. He has more pictures on his page at Aries go to Showcase and then Honor Roll and click on his name.





RafA Rock Of Ages was always a spectacular girl.
She was very well behaved, but showed a LOT of ATTITUDE even early on. Petra is the proud and happy owner of Cherie and Chris Brukman (Ahava Afghan Hounds). Although pointed, Petra doesn't care much for showing. And being her mother (Blush)'s daughter, she is quite adamant about what she likes and doesn't like! She is just a beautiful girl as you can see below! She now has a full time job at home making sure Cherie and Christopher are in compliance with her wishes and having a wonderful time!



RafA Rock The Casbah is a beautiful girl, a delightful mixture of mischief and love.

I took her back from her first placement and knew she needed a truly forever home. She was a very special puppy.

She went to live with Bonnie Witmyer, and Isabella and Bonnie are inseparable!

Thank you, Bonnie for your love and care of Isabella!






Lily lives with Suzi Shelton (Seer) in Kentucky and has a wonderful life, romping , playing and being loved by Suzi and her mother.

Suzi was the first person who was 'friendly' to me in the world of 'afghan hound lists', and now RafA Rock You is the only afghan hound Suzi has. Thank you Suzi.


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